“Lead Docket covers 100% of the things we sought from a lead management system. We particularly like the automated messaging based on case status. In addition, the team has welcomed our input. Usually, the features that we sought could easily be handled by the system with a small adaptation on our part in the way we work. But in addition to that, there are a number of features we have suggested which have ended up as additions to Lead Docket.”

- Brian Mittman – Markhoff & Mittman – New York, NY
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Case Studies

Learn more about how our customers have improved their firm’s success with the help of Lead Docket and explore the real-world examples of how we were able to assist other firms increase their number of clients.

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Why Lead Docket?


Track the outcome of every lead. Compare outcomes by attorney and intake staff.

Increased Conversions

Lead Docket provides tools not found in case management systems to ensure timely followup with leads to increase your conversion rate.

Capture Every Lead

Stop trying to manage leads in your mailbox. Capture every lead from every source in one place to ensure that you never lose another lead.

Expertly Designed

Developed in collaboration with top attorneys and legal marketing experts.

Lead Docket is Cloud Based!

  • Nothing to install
  • Viewable on all devices
  • Works from any location


Lead Management

Search, sort, filter, duplicate checks, tagging, import, and other great features to manage leads.

Tasks Management

Automatically generated task assignments to ensure you never let a lead slip through the cracks.

Lead Docket screenshot on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Referral Management

Track inbound and outbound referrals. Optionally email lead details to referral partners.

Contact Management

Track all of your contacts from both leads and external sources.

Real Time Dashboard

The intake dashboard shows your intake staff exactly what they need to see to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Third Party Integrations

We offer integrations with many third party systems so all of your leads can be tracked in one place.

Advanced Reporting

Keep track of lead volume over time, cost per lead, revenue by marketing source, and other key performance indicators.

Custom Intake Scripts

Easy to follow customizable intake scripts that allow your intake staff to efficiently document leads.

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Customized plans to meet your specific needs and budget

  • Unlimited Leads & Contacts
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Live person support
  • Call Tracking Numbers

Increase Signups

What would signing 10% more clients mean to your bottom line?
Do the math.

If you don't have a system to manage the process, you are losing leads!


Some of the services Lead Docket is designed to integrate with flawlessly.