How Brauns Law saves $250k per year with Lead Docket

How Brauns Law uses Lead Docket to maximize advertising spend, track client acquisition cost, and boost revenue from referrals

The Challenge

Based in Georgia, Brauns Law faces the steep advertising costs of Atlanta—one of the top five highest in the country. To run their boutique firm effectively, they needed a solution that helped optimize advertising spend and increase their ROI.
Brauns Law chose Lead Docket as the best solution to tackle this challenge after trying Law Ruler and Captorra. With a background in software engineering, David knew what he needed and struggled with other solutions that didn’t work as they should. He faced issues with reporting, complex platforms, and a lack of intuitive navigation. An instant win for David was Lead Docket’s ease of use. Lead Docket has allowed Brauns Law to meticulously track their leads and ad spend while reducing their loss rate by 60%. And the best part? David says it is all done through a simple platform that “just works.”

Improved case loss rate by 60% in two years

$250k saved per year in advertising costs

Increased revenue from referral cases

Growing the bottom line

Lead Docket allows Brauns Law to strategize their marketing efforts through integrated lead source tracking and pre-built reports. The reports have allowed the firm to spend less money on ads without losing business —they’ve grown the average cases they take each month. The key benefits of Lead Docket for David are:
  1. 1. Patching the leaky bucket

    One thing I say relates directly back to Lead Docket is our improvement in loss rate. Our loss rate was fairly consistent until Lead Docket came in and started tightening up all that leakage.”
    A big priority for David is chasing qualified leads and getting them to convert as quickly as possible. He values that Lead Docket is built around quick communication and driving conversions. He has improved his case loss rate by 60% in the last two years. He views Lead Docket as a tool to help him “capture the low hanging fruit and sign more of their incoming leads.”
  2. 2. Automating client acquisition cost (CAC)

    I rely on the client acquisition cost of each lead. I used to calculate that all in Excel, which was a weekly couple-hour chore. We are very diligent about putting in our costs associated with each channel and rely on the metrics from Lead Docket.”
    Lead Docket has taken away the need for manual lead tracking in Excel and saves about eight hours a month. The automatic calculation enables the entire team at Brauns Law to understand their CAC. With a baseline of the cost they are willing to assume to get a lead, David and the firm can make quick decisions on which leads to track and which ones to pass.
  3. 3. Steady business with $250k saved in ad spend

    Lead Docket is saving me a quarter of a million a year in waste. I run a small shop, but we advertise heavily. I was spending, for example, $20,000 a month on billboards at one time. Billboards are hard to track. Lead Docket has allowed me to have the same work done at half the price.”
    One of David’s core markets, Atlanta, has some of the steepest advertising costs in the U.S. Lead Docket has allowed him to audit each marketing expense channel by channel and allocate money to the channels that produce the highest ROI. Through the Lead Docket and CallRail integration, David was able to identify that PPC was not where his firm should be putting their money. They stopped that channel and put the budget toward another that produced a better ROI.
  4. 4. Tracking and monetizing referrals

    I think Lead Docket is better than any other platform that I’ve used for referral management. We don’t do workers’ comp, but we get probably two to three cases a week in workers’ comp that we refer out to other firms. Before, we weren’t tracking them. I had no idea how many cases I referred out or when the checks were coming back in. Now I see them and I know that I’m going to get paid on this stuff down the road.”
    Without a sound solution, tracking referred cases could account for an additional headcount at some firms. As a small shop, Brauns Law didn’t have time to fully monitor which leads were referred out and if they had gotten paid out on them yet. Lead Docket allows automatic tracking of those referrals and even automates communication to the firms that refer cases to Brauns Law to show that they are working the business sent their way. He shares that the latter has increased the number of leads he’s gotten from other firms with little to no effort.
I’m a Lead Docket fan.”
David views Lead Docket as a core tool in the way Brauns Law operates. Their implementation was fast, and the data migration was accurate allowing David to “rock and roll” quickly. Lead Docket has helped Brauns Law tighten their advertising spend while ensuring that they add value to clients and potential clients at every touchpoint.

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