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Lead Docket helps us identify and disregard spam so it doesn’t hurt our conversion rates. With Captorra we couldn’t do that. We had a lot of fake leads skewing our reports.”

I could track the conversion rate previously with Captorra,but it was a lot of math. I would have to add up how many calls we had and how many we wanted, but now I ...”

Our notes in Captorra were difficult to access and the interface was not formatted well. It’s nice to be able to go in and see when the last conversation was and what was spoken ...”

Our case criteria is a little more strict than other firms. We think of ourselves as a boutique firm, so customizing our intake helps us to generate better-qualified leads so we can spend our ...”

I think the usability of Lead Docket is the best in the market.”

One thing I say relates directly back to Lead Docket is our improvement in loss rate. Our loss rate was fairly consistent until Lead Docket came in and started tightening up all that leakage.”

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