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I looked at the product and felt it didn’t need a lot of my tweaking.”

I think alone, the biggest impact of Lead Docket is the centralization. I want to see our lead numbers, I go to Lead Docket. I want to see what cases we’re trying to sign, ...”

My intake people can log in and can look at their Lead Docket. I know they’re not dealing with anything other than leads.”

I'm not guessing. I’m not saying ‘how many leads did I have last month? What is the average fee? How many do we get quarterly? Are we above or below? Are we growing? What is the trend here?’”

The other thing with Lead Docket is I can keep the data I want private. My partner and I can see all the data, but the whole firm can’t. So, it’s not like ...”

PI is so fast. I don’t want leads waiting a full day. I want a text message to go out two hours later to follow up with that person. I use timed notifications to automate and manage our outreach.”

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