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I rely on the client acquisition cost of each lead. I used to calculate that all in Excel, which was a weekly couple-hour chore. We are very diligent about putting in our costs associated ...”

Lead Docket is saving me a quarter of a million a year in waste. I run a small shop, but we advertise heavily. I was spending, for example, $20,000 a month on billboards at ...”

I could track the conversion rate previously with Captorra, but it was a lot of math. I would have to add up how many calls we had and how many we wanted, but now I ...”

I think Lead Docket is better than any other platform that I’ve used for referral management. We don’t do workers’ comp, but we get probably two to three cases a week in workers’ ...”

I’m a Lead Docket fan.”

I love the reporting in Lead Docket. The built-in features are fantastic and it is simple.”

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